We (my family and I) went on a trip to Armenia (Tsaghkadzor and Yerevan) this May. We hadn't booked any trips when we arrived because most tour companies we find online worked from Yerevan and our first stay was in Tsaghkadzor. Marriott front desk suggested messaging Michael (My 2nd Family Stay & Tours). We did just that and instantly decided to go with him. Reasons: He wrote in good English and he was straightforward with his suggestions. We initially booked for 2 days of trip with him but ended up spending 3 days with him because he is so pleasant, kind, perceptive, and resourceful. We could communicate with him seamlessly and he has a "can do" attitude with most of our requests but at the same time sensible about what can and cannot be done. We saw so much of Armenia in a short time because of him and his love for the country. I strongly recommend contacting him if you ever travel to Armenia. I know that we definitely will if we ever travel to Armenia again. He has promised to show us more if we return. 

Shivranjini Azhagappan
United Arab Emirates